24 01 2008

Coldest day so far here definitly. It’s still the warmest weather I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. 5 degrees Celcius. I have no clue how cold that is since I’m from the land of Farenheit, but it’s pretty cold. After some further research that means 41 degrees F. A normal December or January day in the Maryland. But people here act like it’s The Day After Tomorrow.

malcolm<—“To convert Celsius to Farenheit multiply by 1.8 and add 32. Your a joke”

Also its funny when people explain in class that some city is ___ meters away. Even though I know how long a meter is, when someone says 300 meters I really have no clue how far that is. Maybe that will change with time but I’m still a Miles/gallons/farenheit/cups sort of guy.

Japanese of the Day

In Japanese, the way of speaking is soooo humble. For example instead of saying “I see Mt. Fuji”, in a formal situation you would actually say, “Mt. Fuji is visible.” So this is hard for Mr. English speaker here. Here’s another example. In Japanese it’s not polite to say ” Someone gave me something.” Instead you say, “I recieved ____ from Someone.” Small but difficult point.

Last year, I gave Mika a hat. Kyonen Mika ga watashi ni boshi o kuremashita. きょねんみかがわたしにぼしをくれました。

Last week, I recieved a kiss from Mika. Watashi wa Mika ni kisu o moraimashita. わたしわみかにキスをもらいました。

As always errors probably exist, but please correct me if you see any. Remember your source is a joke….methinkingitover

Music of the Day… No Music but Drunk Monkeys are funny.




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24 01 2008

Think of a meter as about three feet so 300 meters is about 900 feet.

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