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22 01 2008

So today my plan on handling the coworker situation was to act indifferent to the whole thing. Of course curiosity killed me, and after she asked me what I did on the weekend, I asked her as well. Well turns out she went out to eat with this dude who just so happens to be my psuedo-boss. Everybone in my body SCREAMED to ask more, but I didn’t. She quickly changed the subject. So basically I know nothing except what they did. I guess I don’t care, but the fact that writing this in a post means otherwise….bottom line…. I’m a joke.

After writing that riveting post above, i went to get a drink. I put the drink down, and realize I forgot my pen. I get up to get the pen, BAM drink on floor lol. I’m an idiot. This carpet(if you can call it that, it’s more like cardboard with fibers) had enough problems before I got here, and now I’m  just adding to it lol.

Short post, but not much to mention today. Not everyday can be dynamite people.

Japanese of the Day…..

Verbs have an incredible amount of conjugations in Japanese. A full sentence can be one word. For example;

Tabetai! たべたい!

I want to eat! Cool huh?

Music of the Day… Avantasia – ” In Quest For”

You’re in quest for more to find the core
Your journey still ain’t over
Your quest is your purpose, go on
You’re in quest for more to find the core
It will be – never- over
Your quest is your purpose, go on …

Life’s about the chase people… not the catch!




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22 01 2008

Just go for it. Ask her out for a drink.

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