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21 01 2008

I found this video while browsing some other Japanese blogs….

It’s long…so if you bailed early, or don’t want to click it, it’s basically about the increasing market in Japan for “Lolita” type porn sometimes involving 10-12 year olds. Yeah I’m sure we don’t agree this is a good idea for the girls involved, the companies involved, or the people that buy that sort of porn. But saying the Japanese are just creeping I think is an easy way answer. The attraction has to be based on some underlying social reason.

First my take….10-12 is to young to be idolizing over. Girls aren’t even developed yet. I have been accused of in the past, rightfully so, about thinking some younger high school girls(15-17) are hot.. but they at least are developed. Girls that young(10-12) don’t give me a sexual attraction. I think naturally our bodies are attracted to people that are sexually able (i.e. after puberty). Girls 10-12 definitly are not sexually able. But I want to point out, age is something our society has created, so the age is actually not important since it is not a tangible thing. Is a 17 year old that much different than a legal 18 year old? I dont think so. But anyways my quest is to attempt to forge a thoery on the subject. (result of a boring day off)

Idol Photo Session (click to enlarge)
Is this girl attractive to you??(props to My honest opinion without worrying about any fucking reprecussions or thinking about want anyone thinks, is yes. Any guess on the age?…………………………………14. Far under the legal age.  Without knowing her actual age, I could easily guess that she is 17-19. I have been fooled by a few of my students on numerous occasions about guessing age. My personal rule: Get your guess age in your mind, subtract four years and you will be correct.
 Idol Photo Session (click to enlarge)
Same girl, any thoughts changed? ( props again) She is clearly developed more than her age would suggest, causing most guys to find her attractive. Her face does appear quite young, but her body (chest and hips) appear matured beyond her years.
So guys…and any girls that aren’t to pissed off at me by now… any thoughts? Her body is apparently already sexually able, so is it ok to enjoy her photos?…..tough question. Mental maturity is an X factor in this equation. It is very possible for a person’s body to mature much faster than their body, which is probably the case for these young models in Japan. BUT, should a man’s mind take into account a female’s mind’s maturity while deciding what is attractive? I think not. As a girlfriend, wife, even friend, that is an important point but while flipping through the pages of a magazine, guys admit it, our minds are not thinking that deeply at that moment.
Ok back to the original point, what in the Japanese society causes this phenomenon more than other cultures. My guess is that thinking of being with these much younger girls bring men back to their youths, and the fantasy of being at that age again. Who doesn’t wish they weren’t grown up and could go back to the carefree days of middle school and high school? Looking at girls that are still in that age, might be an attractive prospect in many cases.
Bottom line: the young girl’s need to be protected. In Japan the law states as long as they aren’t naked its cool. But with a mind that hasn’t matured yet, they might not understand what they are doing when they pose for these photos for men triple or quadruple their age. The parents also have to agree, so it is their fault as well. Or is it greed’s fault?? I think it is normal to think younger, matured women are attractive. Letting your daughter pose for these photos is not. Getting turned on by non- matured 10 year olds is not as well.
Thoughts? I understand I might of alienated some people with the post, but its part of Japan so it deserved a post. Let me know what you think!
Japanese of the Day.. Strange Writing- henna chojutsugyo –
This is a strange writing.
Kore wa henna bunshoo desu. これわへんあぶんしょうです。
Music of the Day – Pretty intellectual post… so let’s even things up with some crazy music. Norther – “Death Unlimited” Go nuts people!



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