Mission Impossible

20 01 2008

Since it was pouring down rain today and I had nothing better to do, I decided to attempt some reconnaissance work on my bike. As I explained before I beleive I activiated a lock that came with my bike, that I do not have the key for. So some of my students advised me that the lock is easy to cut through. So I walked, with the sharpest of the two knives I have in my apartment in tow to my bike. No success. My knife just sucks I think. I did unscrew it from my bike, but I will need a better saw to take care of this problem. The saga continues…..mission impossible…..so far. Bonus story: To add insult to this tough week, my umbrella exploded on my face from the wind on my walk home.   Yep. When it rains….

I always read back my posts to see how I was feeling the day or week before. I try as hard as I can to just shoot from the hip with my feelings without thinking with this blog so it’s as natural as possible. For me and anyone that just so happens to read it. But after reviewing, I do appear to be really affected by coworker. I think it’s a case of my body telling my mind… “you have no other fucking options bitch this is the one you want!” To change this problem, I need to get more options. On tuesday I’m hanging out with another one of my Japanese teachers students(dude) to attempt to expand my social circle. I will give a full report on the results. While I didn’t think living in Japan would be this enjoyable on the whole, I did also think two months in I would be more socially adapted. I think its 100% my fault, since I sort of expected it would just happen naturally. I blame myself. But in the future getting what I want from Japan seems like it will require more work from me, which is fine. No task is to difficult.

<– you don’t have the balls son

Japanese of the Day:

Well last week I started hitting the Kanji pretty hard. Kanji is the part of the Japanese writing system that is the pictures that equal complete words. Japanese is a language, and Kanji is sort of another language in itself. Some of the pictures have interesting stories behind them, but let’s get serious being interesting doesn’t make them any easier to learn. My goal is about 20 a week. I might be able to do more, but speaking is my number 1 priority so that will be where most of my focus is. The advantage people have living in Japan while trying to learn the language is amazing. After 4 days of studying, I can already notice kanji, or parts of kanji I recognize and that further burns it in the mind \. Walking down the street is like going to class, as long as your eyes are open to look and want to learn.

Anyways onto today’s lesson. In Japanese there is no such thing as puncuation. For example…(たとえば)…

While eating an apple, I sing.


You have to find where the spaces are!! In actual Japanese writing there, would be a kanji for the verb stems tabe (ru) and uta (u), Eat and Sing which are highlighted. Crazy.

Music of the Day time…Mika Nakashima(中島nakashima in Kanji)(inside(naka)中 island(shima)島 so ….nakashima=inside island) – “Sakuraio Maukoro”  Stunning.




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