Japanese Hug

19 01 2008

So today we had a sub-manager. At the end of the day she was saying good-bye and she very anti-Japanese went in for a hug. But it wasn’t a normal body to body hug, but it was the most awkward sideways thing you have ever seen. It was like 12 year olds that aren’t sure how to position thier face to kiss lol. It was cute though.

So if you can remember my amazing weekend story from last Saturday, that trip we made plans for the following Sunday which would be tommorrow. Coworker brought it up yesterday, so I thought it was probably a go. So I brought it up with the third wheel, and she said she might not be able to go. Sweet, now I could ask Coworker about going out just the two of us…..

The worst response in the history of mankind followed. The captain of the Titanic heard better news..

  <— Not impressed with story that follows……

Anyways so I told coworker about how third wheel might not be able to go tomorrow, but we should get something to eat or something anyways. The exact response…. “what were we going to do??…..Ooo o yeah…ummm I might have an appointment with_____ (some dude in same company been here about 5 years, higher ranking employee, foreigner like me)….but you can meet us. ” Imagine a vice. Insert Balls. Thats the feeling… I think I’m addicted to situations that will cause me pain. I really need to get more damn baskets for my eggs. Having all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea, and that’s what I am currently doing. So it’s my fault.  But damn, it hurt.

 <– you only got one basket….. bitch.

We’ll see if she contacts me tommorrow, but I’m not going. I’m not a third wheel type of dude. My brusied ego gets in the way of things like that. I wish it didn’t, but it really does.

crying…..basically I’m an emotional bitch sometimes

Japanese Word of the Day!

Ama! Bitch! ときどこ わたし は あま です!!

Sometimes, I’m a bitch.

Music of the Day Time! As I drink this sake, I invite you wherever you are, to do the same. Let’s rock out together.Get those glasses up! Pantera o Kikimashou! Let’s Listen to Pantera! Nomimashou! Lets Drink! Goodnight!




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