Pretty In Pink?

17 01 2008

That’s how bored I was today….. I watched the entire movie. Pretty solid high school movie. My Thoughts;

#1 Molly Ringwald(main girl) is oddly hot for some reason. Something with the smile and cute laughing.

#2 Nice Guys ALWAYS finish last. This is like the most true quote ever.

Let’s face it ladies, yes in the end you do want a guy that will give you everthing you need, and protect you from everything. I totally understand that. BUT, while you are evaluating guys and who is attractive to you, its always someone that DOESNT appear to be willing to give up his whole life for you. Such a paradox, attraction. In the end we all want someone that needs and depends on us, but we also need the thrill of the chase. Things that come to easily, we esteem too lightly. It’s beneficial to need to work for things. If nothing was ever bad… would anything be good? Everything would just be, with no measure of comparison. Suffering makes ectasy. Happiness is nothing without sadness. So next time you are going through tough times…. remember that those bad times will make your next good times all the better!

Anyone else have thoughts on it??? Comment!

Damn I’m being deep tonite. Let’s get down to business so I can head out to sleep.

Japanese word of the day – Scare (v)- kowagaraseru – こわがれせる

I’m scared of asking coworker out.

Watashi wa coworker o sasou o kowagaru.  <—Wrong but I’m tired…

Music of the Day.. AWESOME chill song. Nocturnal Rites – “Me” As for “Me”….Goodnight!




One response

18 01 2008
Adam Simeonidis

Dude i tried quitting but i went out and bought burning crusade……. Argh!

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