1 is the loneliest..not really

16 01 2008

So today was the first day at work where I was totally alone allll day. From 1-10 no supervision. While I didn’t do anything crazy like run around naked or get hammered, it was still a chill time. Since none of my classes are untill 7pm, from 1-7 I’m basically just chilling. Maybe answer a phone here or there.  But every rose has it’s thorn I guess.

Coolest moment was when I got a call from the head office. When you answer the office phone and give the usual company spiel, you can just hear that little sigh the Japanese people let out when a non-japanese person(like me) answers the phone. So today, one lady called and did the usual sigh routine once she heard it was a non-japanese. I heard her say umm….. So i said it’s go ahead in Japanese. She got soo damn excited. Even though the rest of the conversation was in English, she was soo excited I spoke in Japanese.

I noticed this phenomenon in Tokyo on New Years as well. If you show interest in learning the language, people will fucking love you. It almost doesnt matter what you say. Just say anything. People go insane. Since my Japanese has gotten better from my insane, maniacal, hermit-like study, I have started to use it in the lobby a little bit when my students are in an all Japanese conversation. I might understand 2 words in sentences, but as long as I make a comment about those 1-2 words in Japanese back they are so impressed and welcoming. It really has helped some of my relationships with students recently. Showing interest in Japan is sort of a big deal with these people.

So to all the people out there that are going to visit Japan… learn a handful of phrases and be prepared to be treated like royalty! ( by most people) I realize I should include some of the phrases here….but I’m tired so another day I promise I will!

Japanese word of the day…..maguro – まぐろ – tuna – Also a handy slang word for a girl that just lies there in bed.

Music of the Day… Start of a kickass movie from my childhood that a still consider my favorite..”The Last Unicorn”…Do you believe?




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