Punch in the Face…

15 01 2008

Tough day at work today. Coworker was late, so I had to totally cover for her. She was getting calls from the higher-ups, so I totally lied for her. Call me a good samaritan I guess. Apparently when she got back she got a tough call from a manager or something. I could totally her here crying, but she shut the door so I thought it was best I stayed away. What do you do in that situation? I wrestled with my options….but I thought she shut the door so that means I better stay away. As soon as she came out I tried to console, but she did the usual “I’m so overly happy its easy to tell I was just crying” move. I helped her out the whole day to try to make her day as easy as possible but who knows if it helped. 

Then at the very end of the day, she goes what did you do yesterday? I told her I just had my Japanese Lesson at 12.  She goes me, and these two other dudes went out to drink last night. I know I’m a very emotional person but damn I could actually see the hand form into a fist, and then punch me in the mouth. In my head I was just like….you could of invited me……….. She then said I should of came… I’m not sure how I could of went if I was not invited…..but I know since she brought it up that means I probably will be invited next time, but couldn’t she of thought to invite me last night??

Any regular readers of this blog know by now that I have more mood swings than a menstruating schoolgirl. I don’t really know why this is, but it is definitly a by-product of being in Japan. I have some of the best moods and feelings I’ve ever had here. You know that moment where your life figures out how to be good?(,–some movie line) That happens waaay more here. But also back home I have waaay more close friends. So since my social circle is soo much smaller here, I think actions that I normally would let roll of my back bother me a lot more. Culture Shock??? I guess maybe. But it has nothing to do with the Japanese culture, more a by-product of my insanely changed social life. So maybe social shock.

Bottom Line: I’m a joke. crying

Japanese Word of the Day – Jodan – じょうだん – Joke. Watashi wa jodan. わたしは じょうだん.
 I’m a joke.

Music Video of the Day – I’ll try to Anti-Brokeback this post up as much as possible.

As I Lay Dying – ” Through Struggle” Bang Your Head. I know I am.




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