My New Favorite Holiday

14 01 2008

Seijin shiki or seijin no hi (成人式). Or Coming of Age Day. At first I wasn’t so into kimonos on women. Of course they are pretty to look out with the cool patterns, but they don’t really show off a women’s true assetts. I’m starting to think the makeup and the hair makes up for it. Today is Coming of Age Day, a holiday where every girl that turns 20 in this year wears a kimono and struts her stuff around town usually going to ceremonies or family gatherings. But getting off the train in Fukuoka for my Japanese lesson I wasn’t expecting this, and it was like DAMN! Wish I had my camera….but I’ll just have to google it and steal some.

yeah google sort of let me down on this one.

Hulkster  <–“love the boas”

But anyways its cool to just walk around soak in a little bit of the Japanese culture with all the kimonoed people all around.

Onto the bad news….when I got back from my Japanese Lesson my bike totally had a boot-like structure on it, making it impossible to move. No ticket, no notice, just boot. I guess I parked in an illegal area. Like most things in Japan, I made sure Japanese people were doing it first before I do it, and there was like 50 bikes in the same area. But everybike had the same boot on them. Sucks. Obivosuly I have no clue what to do, but tommorrow I’ll get coworker to help me out. First crime in Japan! Nice.

Japanese word of the day…sekushii (na) セクシー(な)… say it outloud……I don’t even need to say this one.

Music of the Day – Brokeback one here Guys – Jordin Sparks – ” This is My Now” – Ignore the Paula Abdul and enjoy the song. I’m not sure this is really “my now,” but sometimes it feels like it. Been waiting to be in Japan for a long time. Some people have to close their eyes to think of where they want to be, but I just have to look outside.




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14 01 2008

There is something about a Japanese girl in kimono. Although she is so rapped up in the kimono, she usually looks amazing.

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