11 01 2008

An interesting situation occurs at least once a week that I am still trying to figure out. At least one Japanese person, usually female about 12-13 will say Hello! to me as I’m walking by or on the train. At first I always just said Hello back, but I was always greeted with insane laughter, so I have been working on different responses in an attempt to invoke a different reaction. So far, No luck.

So far I have tried:

Hello – insane laughter

How are you? (in Japanese) – insane laughter

Good Afternoon(In Japanese) – insane laughter

Wow!(In Japanese) – insane laughter

See the pattern? I have come to the conclusion that no matter what my response, laughter will commence. I guess its time to embrace it. Next time I might try out some standup jokes just to get the ego boost.

Anyways today opened a bank account with the help of coworker. Sooo much paperwork. In Japan some things are so advanced…but some things so primative. I worked at a bank back home, and everything was on the computer. Also back at home you actually have to open most doors, so I guess its a tradeoff.

Tomorrow is someone I hardly know’s going away party with the company. It’s tough when you are asked by someone(coworker) if you are going to the party, when the only reason you will go is if she is going. I think we are going but with a thirdwheel. Better than nothing I guess. Maybe no post tommorrow if the party is crazy…..don’t worry I’m sure it wont be.

Japanese Word of the Day…..Fukuoka.. Its a city in Kyushu. FU-kuoka. Not FUK-uoka. Crazy foul-mouthed foreigners.

Music of the Day…Olivia inspi’ Reira (Trapnest) – Wish

Seeyou tommorrow maybe!!! Rock Out




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