Shitsurei Shimasu!

10 01 2008

Just updated some of the Tokyo pics with some better pics… took way longer than expected lol…but now the past posts are more interesting at least.

(Boring paragraph alert) So apparently since my manager quit, my school is managerless. Meaning is it just me and the NJT (Native Japanese Teacher). It’s cool since the cat is away…. but bad since the mice have some sales goals that are due by this weekend, but we have no manager to approach the students about new contracts. Possibly we will get a submanager, but I doubt I will reach the goal. What does that mean? Who the hell knows. I have no clue the implications of this, but I’m not worried about it. The NJT is freaking out though so I have to constantly calm her down lol. Which I don’t mind of course…But I do have to approach a few students about renewing which I’m not looking forward to, but it is part of the job. The fun part of the job is when it seems like you are just hanging out teaching English to friends. Talking about renewing contracts instantly crashes my fantasy world, but it is part of the job.. so I’ll suck it up.

Japanese observation time… In the morning the trains are quickly filled, so about 50% half to stand. This often leads to their being not enough holding handles for people on the train. Sort of the like the Titanic’s people to lifeboats problem. If I am one of the people that don’t have a handle, I have to square up my body spread my legs wide in order to not bounce around off of everyone around me. Strangely enough, Japanese people have the best balance of anyone in the world. I have seen 3 foot tall old ladies stand perfectly still while I’m hanging onto the handle for dear life as the train takes a turn or stops. Maybe I just don’t have my sea legs yet..but damn it’s impressive.

Japanese word of the day – shitsurei shimasu. It’s usually used in the same time you would say Excuse me for…(entering or leaving usually).. It literally means. I’m going to be rude. It’s also insanely difficult to not say SHITsurei instead of SHI-TSUrei. That is all.

Random pic of the day – It looks like she’s showing off an engagement ring..that’s why this is humorous..also bonus feature is my face is stupid


Music of the Day – Chrono Trigger – “Time’s Scar” Instrumental but Awesome. Top 3 Video Games Ever.




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