Bonus Tokyo Chapter – Pachinko

9 01 2008

Played Pachinko in Tokyo one night.  I got access to way more pics from the week so it totally makes enough material for a quality post.

Pachinko is this crazy ass game that is sort of like retarded pinball mixed with slots. Upon stepping into the place, you realize its loud. Not like a little loud, but kill your eardrums loud. Its a constant electronic sounding hum. It makes talking to people that are more than 3 inches from you difficult. After consulting the less than enthused staff, I figured out you have to pop at least 1000 yen in the machine to play. Me being as brave as I am, ponyed up the dough. Unsure of the rules, directions, or strategic hints I just jumped in head first.

In Japan its important to look around to make sure you are doing things correctly before attempting. On the bus if your not sure how you pay, just watch other people pay and then duplicate those actions. Not sure if a restaurant is sit wherever you want, or if you have to wait for a hottess to seat you? Just wait and watch a native do it first. Works like a charm. Works in pachinko too.

ball racks

After discovering a knob was controlling how fast the little metallic balls should into the machine, I quickly figured out how to put the balls go actually into the game area instead of directly into the losing area. Once you get them into the pinball like area, it becomes Plinko from The Price is Right. But if the ball luckily goes into the correct hole, then a slot machine game starts. If you get three Bars/fish/whatever in a row, you win! I didn’t. Next time I will put my 10 bucks in a blender.

figuring it out

Let’s pretend for a moment that I did win. Well I wouldn’t of won money anyways. There prize is more insanely loud metal balls! We’ll actually you can exchange said balls for Food, Lamps, Groceries, or vouchers. These vouchers can then be exchanged for money. This is insane system so no money is given out directly, avoiding breaking Japanese Law.

pachink balls

I’m glad I can say I played..but overall it was a bust. It’s sort of like walking through the slot section of a casino in Atlantic City. Mostly old depressed looking people blowing thier money. If I won I might of thought otherwise lol.

Music of the Day – My Favorite Song of ALL TIME! Iron Maiden – “Infinite Dreams” Enjoy it People.




3 responses

9 01 2008

Some things in Japan are strange. For example the fact that it is illegal to gamble for money but you can gamble for prizes (pachinko) and then exchange them for money. How odd.

10 01 2008
Adam Simeonidis

Dude, love your site, i have a look every arvo.

Added to my blog

Dude keep it up.

11 01 2008

Pachinko is hilarious! nice post!

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