Understanding the Code

8 01 2008

Today started like any other Tuesday. Light load of classes untill the evening where it gets pretty heavy. In the middle of my planning, I got a call from my mentor that she needs a sample lesson. Since I write my lesson plans in such crappy handwriting, this means I have to rewrite a few. Being that it was already late, I didn’t have much time. When you have you plan all set for the day, and then someone throws a wrench in the works it sucks.

So i finished it just in time for my first class. Feeling a little stressed and tired I wasn ‘t in the best of moods when class started but it turned out to be the most fun class yet. It was really cool. Total change of mood. Sweet.

In a surprising note, I learned that my manager’s last day was today. I learned it from listening to her tell other people in Japanese. I was so excited inside about understanding, I didn’t really think of how it could really suck without her. Yeah we don’t talk much since she speaks no English, but she was really laid back and cool.  Not bad on the eyes either. This next manager could be cool, but a new manager always means there is a chance of a rule nazi coming in, which would suck.

Then later in the day, manager told me “Ashita hitori desu” My coworker was started to translate, but I stopped her. “I’m alone tommorrow?!?!?!?” They both said wow! I was so excited to understand lol. Those short sentences seem like nothing, but they are kind of a big deal. It’s like that scene in the matrix, when he sees the full screen in green. Life write now is 98% color 2% green. But those moments, when its all green, make all the studying worth it.


                     Still not convinced there is no spoon…but one day

Anyways, I got invited for beer and yakitori from this cool student that is a doctor for next week so that should be fun. He asked…”Can you drink?” I said Yeah! He said ok “I make you drunk.” Anything involving me and the making of me getting drunk, and I am in. Also my New Year’s/Welcome party has just been switched to a New Year’s/Welcome/Goodbye Manager Party. My selfish self isn’t happy about it lol but I can deal…..maybe haha. It should be a good time.

Music of the Day… Totally Rocked out to this on the way home today. Nothing like metal to get the blood flowing. Avenged Sevenfold – ” Reminissions” Enjoy!




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