Nothing Interesting Here

7 01 2008

Seriously. I have really nothing to say but in my quest for a post a day, I must press on. Today in my Japanese lesson while walking around, my teacher said what do you think about Japanese girls. I said they are very pretty. She goes” thats it???” What am I supposed to say, “Yeah I want to bang the hell out of them.” I guess she gets a lot of that since all of her students are American guys. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love banging but come on lol.

Since we’re on a creepy subject already, let’s make it official with a top 3 cutest japanese girls countdown!

3. Nami Tamaki! It’s even creepier to give specific reasons, so just use your imagination.

nami tamaki

#2 Kristen Kreuk – Is she Japanese? No! But it’s my list.


#1 Mika Nakashima – Yeah I mention her a lot. But seriously. Eyes alone=Game Over.

nana mika

mika smoking

This concludes the creepy post. I really had nothing to say though. Tomorrow we will return to the regular bitching and moaning about, in no particular order; coworkers, learning Japanese, and other random complaints. I must sound like I’m having a horrible time here, but beleive me I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! My job consists of getting paid pretty well for teaching people for a few hours a day, while learning Japanese on the job during my down time. I really have a good gig here. Apartment, Job, Town.. I’m thankful for it all.

Goodnight! Oyasuminasai!

Music of the Day – Weird Hair but cool feeling song  Koda Kumi – “Anytime”




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