5 01 2008

After that amazing high of being leaned on as the Japanese language consultant for a week, coming back to work today was sort of tough. Like a punch in the stomach saying… you still don’t know shit bitch. But I know those times are ahead in my quest so its ok, but its like wow. I now this is another bitching moment but that’s what im feeling. Learning a language is like swimming uphill, while constantly seeing people at the end of the river, taking for granted the fact that they have reached the end, since it came so easily. Some people will help pull you along, some people could give a shit. So why am I swimming at all? I am blindly driven towards whichever my current goal is at the time. For three years, it has been doing good in school to get to Japan.  Quickly after arriving, my next goal became apparent. If it took 3 years to get here, I should be able to learn the language faster that that… right?………………right?

crying<— I sound like………..

 Ok short post but longer post of best night in Tokyo is coming.

Here is an awesome song someone sang in karaoke I never heard before.. Hedwig and the Angry Inch “The Origin of Love” ignore the fact that it is a crossdresser. Just enjoy.




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