The Emperor’s New Groove

4 01 2008

So apparently, the emperor only lets people into the inner grounds of Kokyo, the Imperial Palace, twice a year. Well this year, it was my turn. There was soo many people there, and it was a very cool spectacle to be a part of.

Even though the emperor doesn’t have much power,  a lot of people still want to catch a glimpse of the man himself. Seems a little strange, but I guess it is an important part of Japanese culture to have an emperor even if he has no tangible role these days. People seemed to be really excited, so if it makes people happy to have an emperor, then long live the emperor. The imperial family is said to be descendants of the sun goddess Amaterasu Omikami, which is who created Japan. Which might be why an unbroken descendant of that same blood line has been emperor  since the 1400’s. Can’t piss off the God that created the country you know. What he actually does, is still a question to me. Wikipedia continues to show its importance by providing this quote by Prince Tomohito,

“If you ask me what the imperial family is all about, and I think and think and think about it, the very final conclusion is that our meaning lies in our simply existing,” the prince said. The royals, he said, could fulfill their duties simply by “waking up in the morning, eating breakfast, eating lunch, eating dinner, then going to sleep, repeating that 365 days a year.” 


” Yeah I’m basically the man”

Enough learning bull shit lol. At the entrance of the grounds there is a very throughough security check, including a pat-down by a cute japanese policeman, which felt fantasic. I went back through 5-6 times becuase I wasn’t sure if I had any guns or not. Just kidding. Eventually when the time came we were told to line up and start walking up. We crossed this awesome bridge and were lead to a little courtyard along with a few thousand other people and tons of cameras. Eventually the doors started to open….. and it was FLAG CITY. Everyone started waving their japanese flags. Sucks I didn’t have one. But it was quite a moment. The crowd went hush.. and the Emperor quietly told everyone and for Japan to have a good year. FLAG CITY part two.. A few waves from the family, and it was leaving time. Five minutes of action, hour of waiting. But I’m telling you it was really a cool experience. The feeling when he first came out and everyone got so excited, was really cool. 


Those ants heads in the distance are the Imperial Family…

Sweet bridge

The Mob Rules..

More pics:

            Emperor is Coming   before the flags   Moat

More Chapters coming later today……




One response

4 01 2008
Adam Simeonidis

Interesting…Hi I just read your whole blog and i find it all interesting. My girl friend and I are planning to head over to japan this year round August, but to Tokyo. Ill be reading this blog alot.

Thanks Ad

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