Roppongi – Do You Want a Massage???

4 01 2008

Minutes after stepping off the train in Roppongi, you could tell something was different about this place. It’s mostly foreigners. Now usually this would be ok, but a few more minutes after stepping on the train you realize most of the local people here are trying to take advantage of this fact, with a lot of strip clubs and girls asking if you want a massage and the like. While we walked around for a bit attempting for find somewhere to eat, everyone in our group got asked in some shape or form if they want a massage or got their arm flatout grabbed by someone wanting you to go somewhere. The best was someone was grabbed by a Japanese woman, and she said “I’m Sad….” hahah classic. She obivously wants to cheer her up by opening up that wallet.

Back to the foreigner point, when reading blogs not unlike my own before coming to Japan, many times people would say foreigners act one of two ways in Japan. First they get excited when they see another foreigner and would love to talk. Second is pissed off and ignore you. In my town, I think I have become a mix of both. I ALWAYS try to acknowledge every foreigner I see in my city. Wether or not I want to talk to them is a different story. If I get the ” I’m here for the chicks” vibe, I’d rather avoid them. Even if the chicks are part of the reason I am here. I guess it’s sort of like not wanting to look in the mirror to see what you  actually look like. Chicks are DEFINITLY not the only reason I am here, but they are a nice bonus. How rediculous does that explanation sound? haha I also get a little bit of the, This is my town! feeling sometimes. Basically both of my reasons are stupid. But that is how I feel.

Back to Roppongi we found a cool restaurant and had a lot of fun in karaoke with the teacher crew untill around 6 am. Played at a cool arcade for a while too. There was also a bar that might as well been in Washington D.C with its clientele. I can’t remember much more. This would end up being the dullest of all of the nights. 

Next Chapter coming up soon…

Here’s some pics: 

Roppongi   Roppongi streets  Roppongi Lights




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31 08 2012
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