New Year’s Bliss

4 01 2008

Alright last Chapter for the day will be New Year’s Eve.

After a tip from one of the teachers in the group, we decided to go to a dance club in Shibuya he was Djing at. <–(word? who cares) Place was pretty cool. Danced and talked with some nice locals, but then one of the peeps in our group starting having some pretty serious tooth pain. So bad she was reduced to tears. Being the chivalrous guy I am…<–joke. I took her to the hospital.  It was a pretty easy experience even with my severly limited Japanese level. The nurse would point me towards the picture she was trying to describe and I would read it and then transcribe it to the best of my ability. They knew English pretty good in there though. Eventually we got some painkillers for her and were on our way after about an hour break in the party.(I put her on a cab home at her request)

Mentioned in my last post was that I wanted to see the Hachiko statue. Check that off the to-do list. Post midnight.. the emotions on the streets can not be described. Pure Bliss. Pure Happiness. Pure Awesomeness. Everyone feeling good. We would randomly yell Happy New Year! and we would hear it back from hundreds on one of the busiest intersections in the world. Random Shows of affection with total strangers. But we weren’t strangers. We were all people celebrating the new year together. It didn’t matter who we were.  It was one of those moments when I personally have to convince myself I am actually where I am. I have wanted to be here for sooo long, at times its hard to beleive I am. This is what it would look like if I could take a picture from a helicopter:

Shibuya Crossing Overhead

New Years Crowd

Edit: Actual Pic from the night!

After walking around for a while soaking in the magic looking for a new place to go, I somehow saw some of the girls we were dancing with at the club. I asked them in Japanese where they were going and all I understood was club so I asked if we could all come and they said yes. So we were off in a cab. As I struggled through a conversation in Japanese with one of the girls, another teacher in my group said to me “Dude your doing it, your experiencing the reason you study.” At the time I laughed it off, but it meant alot because it was true. She didn’t understand what he said, and I kept trying to talk to her but I was still attempting to wrap my head around the fact that he was right. We stopped for Ramen, then went to this little dive of a club with our new crew in tow.

What we found was a little basement of a club playing techno based off popular song remixes. I’m not much of a dancer, but it was one of those nights when I was right out there onto the tiny dance floor. Becuase we were the ONLY foreigners everyone was pumped to see us. At one point, as I walked to the bathroom, the bartender said waito waito waito! I stopped and he said shot for you! I asked how much and he said Happy New Year! I said happy new year back in Japanese and he quickly poured another. We shared another shot. It was awesome. Dance clubs here are a little different than the ones in the US. For starters, the distance between dancers is a little greater. That part isn’t so good lol. There is no hand on the girl’s waist while dancing here usually. Everytime I did it though no one stopped me, I just noticed that no one does that here. More popular is holding hands while dancing. So I switched to that most of the time. Unless I couldn’t resist. Also it’s common for guys to stand next to eachother just dancing. I know that sounds gay, but I can assure you it isn’t. No one is face to face, just more of dancing in the same area as another person. Reading back, that still sounds gay but its really not. We danced and danced untill it was about 4-5 am. As I was leaving, I went past the bar again and the bartender stopped me again. This time he told me it was someone’s birthday. I said happy birthday in Japanese and they wanted to share another shot. We took it and I sang happy birthday to the group of 4-5 celebrating the birthday. They were all again very appreciative and excited that I could speak the little Japanese I could and that a American was here showing interest in them. It was another amazing moment.


At about 6 am, before leaving with help from my wingman, I got numbers from the best ladies from the club we were dancing with. Probably wont call, but first number has been attained from the Land of the Rising Sun!

getting number

May or may night be striking out….

That night was my first taste of the amazing welcomeness I feel from being here in Japan. Sometimes it takes alcohol to truly feel it, but wow everyone was soo excited we were there. I’m to much of a puss in America to just walk up to a random group of people I didn’t know, but here I am always met with excitement. It is just a great feeling. Like with the bartender, I didn’t do anything but talk minimal Japanese and everytime I was near the bar he would yell my name and give me the thumbs up. Awesome.

It was one of those nights where by total chance we saw those girls from the first club, by total chance they took us to a cool bar, by total chance I met the awesome people I did there. Some would say it was fate. It’s so awesome when spur of the moment random plans work out so well. 

 Little did I know at that point, but a even BETTER night would be coming. That’s next Chapter. Seeyou Tommorrow!




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