Nothing Much Here..

31 01 2008

Nothing much going on personally…Party on Sunday which should be cool. Working is a bit harder since we haven’t had a manager at my school for a few weeks, but it’s still easy as hell compared to any other job I’ve had in my life. If I didn’t have Japanese to study during my down time, I really would feel like I was a non-productive of society though.

On the coworker front…..I’ll see her at the party on Sunday and see what happens. But I refuse to have not being with her bring my attitude down anymore lol. I’ve said what I wanted to say, so now I’m done. I understand I’m still a bitch on this front.

I love Thursdays at work when the kid’s classes happen at my school. When I was sixteen, I worked at a Day Care for 4 years. I appreciated it then, but I appreciate it more now. There is something special about having kids idolize you that I truly miss. So when I have a few minutes in the lobby with kids to practice my Japanese speaking, or writing Kanji, I really enjoy it. There is no laugh more pure than a 3 or 4 year old laughing at your writing of your Kanji for “Flower”<—“hana.” There is no interest more pure than a 5 year old trying to figure out how to write your name in Hiragana. Yes it passes in 3 seconds, but for those moments there is nothing more in important in their world. Special Stuff.

Japanese of the Day… I really just use this space for problems I have with Japanese to help me remember it. If it helps anyone else, all the better! Soooo today…

The difference between casual and formal speech is massive in Japanese. For Example;

What did you buy?

Nan Katta? なんかった

Nani o kaimashita ka? なにをかいましたか

I saw a girl on the train text the top message. That is the EXTREME casual form. But I guess you should learn both or something. Dont complain to me, were in this boat together.

Music of the Day….Yui – “Goodbye Days” Lot of feeling in this song…most comes from the movie… but try to feel it anyways!


Morning Ramblings on Lazy Day

30 01 2008

Today is no work till 7 but must be there by 1 day. It’s not a bad deal though. Plan my classes for the whole week, study Japanese, eat some curry, chill out.

Random Japanese observation… I’m not sure this is a countrywide phenomenon, but I have seen this happen on three different occassions. At our school, most times there is only two or three of us at a time in the school. So if the three of us need to go somewhere, we just leave. No locking up, No sign no nothing. I thought this was strange at the time, but I have so far seen three places of business to the same thing. No locking up, just leaving for a while. This would never happen in America. I felt nervous but since all the Japanese poeple don’t seem to care, I don’t think about it either.

Japanese of the Day…Little note writing help… When attempting to leave a  note in Japanese.. the ending, like most structures in japanese, is backwards. For Example;

あなたは きれい です。ジエームスより
anata wa kirei desu. Jeemusu yori.

You are beautiful. From, James

 <—Not buying the line……Best Part of Kill Bill Hands Down

 Music of the Day….eh… Video of the Day.. Posting that picture made me want to see that part again….from Kill Bill…Chiaki Kuriyama :”hehehehehhehehehheeh you call that begging?”

Alcoholism is also International

28 01 2008

On the way to my Japanese lesson today, I was stuck in a very packed train. Next to me was a middle aged man with a water bottle. Upon closer inspection, it’s contents were more of a darker rumish color than water-like. He took a swig and the smell of rum filled the air. We caught eyes, I smirked and he offered the bottle to me. I declined, laughing. Alcoholism is International.

Japanese of the Day…Something that confused me…Episode 3 million

Mt. Fuji. Mr. Fuji. Very different correct? One is a mountain and one is a person. BUT in Japanese the suffix -san(山) is used for Mr.(san) AND mountain(yama). So in written form…

Mt. Fuji

富士山 (ふじさん)

Mr. Fuji

 富士さん (ふじさん)

The difference lies in the written kanji alone…..such a mystery….

Music of the Day….Nami Tamaki -“Get Wild” Get Wild people.

Perversion is International

27 01 2008

While shopping at D.Q.’s, no not the ice cream, I was in the electronics section contemplating replacing my broken DS. Well the electronic’s section is right next to the porn section. I turned and my eyes were met by a 12 year old boy deeply engrossed in a magazine he shouldn’t be reading. I gave him a smirk, and he smiled back. Perversion is International. I’m not saying its a bad thing. Quoting my linqual correspondant, Dr. Noah Webster:

“Perverse (adj.) : Directed away from what is right or good….learn how to spell dick, you suck”

Society says porn is not right to look at at that age, but then why is that such an interesting topic at when your 12???

Japanese of the Day… I really don’t feel like doing a lot of research tonite so I’ll make it simple.

Counting in Hundreds

hyaku – 1oo – 百 – ひゃく

nihyaku – 200 – にひゃく

sanbyaku – 300 – さんびゃく

yonhyaku – 400 – よひゃく

gohyaku – 500 – ごひゃく

roppyaku – 600 – ろっぴゃく

nanahyaku – 700 – ななひゃく

happyaku – 800 – はっぴゃく

kyuuhyaku – 900 – きゅうひゃく

sen – 1000 – – せん

Notice the annoying irregularities in bold.

Music of the day.. New Find.. High and Mighty Color – “Pride”
Rock It.

It was a good night

27 01 2008

It was a very cool night last night. We went to an izakaya near my school. It was a pretty small place, so our party quickly became the loudest one in the whole place. But it was great to be the center of attention for 5 or 6 hours. It’s sort of weird that the only reason I am soo popular is because I’m a foreigner, but it still makes you feel good. Mini-Mini-Celebrity. The people were  fighting over who could sit next to me. I didn’t pay for anything and my glass was never empty.

The funniest moment was DEFINITY when a 50 year old woman said I AM SLUTTY! It happened because someone we started talking about bad words in English and Japanese. One of my students called another person at the dinner “yorui” which means loose. So they asked me what that would be in English…I thought about it, and Slutty seemed to be the best translation. So quickly the whole table was saying slutty. So that lady asks me from across the table..”I am slutty… is that correct?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Coolest moment was when the whole table proclaimed I was nicer and more fun than the previous teacher. My ego was glad to hear this.

Most of the people didn’t know eachother but somehow EVERYONE just started mingling well. I know alcohol is a great social lubricant, but I’ve never seen in America such a diverse age group interact so well. Even the shyest of person would ask questions to everyone and really attempt to be included instead of just sitting and waiting for people to talk to them.

Another point, housewives can drink! The two thrity something housewives easily drank double what I drank. They were a lot of fun too. Always doing all the crazy ideas I gave them like going to a random table and saying What’s up! The people would always look so confused and our whole table would lose it. Who knew the best joke would be asking someone whats up.

I was planning to proclaim to my crush coworker that I’m interested in her at sometime during the night. Like outside of work. When no other people are there. The night was going so well, I forgot that she had to catch last train. So on that front, it was a bust. But it’s not like I don’t see her everyday. So that quest is on hold….to be continued.

Japanese of the Day….Drunk and Slutty. Two great adjectives you need to know for those nights chasing the ladies.

Kanojo wa yurukute yopparai desu. She is slutty and drunk. ( Literally she is loose and drunk)


I think thats right… I spend 30 minutes attempting to confirm that is the adjective from of drunk. So call that a 75% chances thats correct.

Music of the Day..On the way to the bar, I heard the sweetest sound… Iron Maiden ” Number of the Beast blasting from the music store. I threw up the horns, \m/ and the worker inside gave them back. Metal is International People. Rock the fuck out.

Uno Dominates

25 01 2008

I played Uno with some children today in the lobby. It was a solid time. I’m past learning about the colors in Japanese, but its still nice to get a little review from 10 year olds. It’s sort of weird too they never get discouraged when you can’t answer a question becuase you don’t understand them. They would ask 5 questions in a row in Japanese, all of which I might catch just a few words, I would say Wakarimasen( I don’t understand) but they would still ask more questions. It was cool. No matter the country you are in, beating your elder is always an event to get pumped about so I let them win. Thier excitement was worth it.

Tomorrow is party day…about 20 students are coming out to an Izakaya with coworker and me. Should be a solid time. Since I of course like to create more drama than needed to events, I think I might inform coworker I’m interested in seeing her outside of work…like alone. But I won’t say it like that. A full report will follow tomorrow. The company rule is you are the last one to puke. I plan on 21 people puking then.

Random Fact… Back in the States I used to watch this show on AZN television called Yama Onna Kabe Onna… it was a pretty funny show. It is based on a Yama Onna (Mountain Woman) and Kabe Onna (Wall Woman). You figure out what the metaphor is based on. But I actually saw it here in Japan today. It was cool. Check out the theme song. The first 15 seconds are worth it I promise. I love one of the actors, Ito Misaki. I’ve only seen her in 2 things but she always dominates. And she does so with a kabe chest, so that’s even more impressive. Sweet

Japanese of the day…. Today I had a 4 sentence conversation in Japanese, which was cool. She said somethings I understood, somethings I didn’t but we had a solid convo. I asked a few simple questions…..

Anata no shigoto wa doko desu ka? Where do you work? (actual translation: your work, where is it?)あなたのしごとわどこですか

Kyo wa shimashita ka? What did you do today? きょうはしましたか?

 kyuka wa itsu desu ka? When is your day off? きゅうかはいつですか

Errors are a free bonus.

Music of the Day…From the game Chrono Trigger “Wind Scene” Instrumental but its awesome people. Let’s just chill out….


24 01 2008

Coldest day so far here definitly. It’s still the warmest weather I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. 5 degrees Celcius. I have no clue how cold that is since I’m from the land of Farenheit, but it’s pretty cold. After some further research that means 41 degrees F. A normal December or January day in the Maryland. But people here act like it’s The Day After Tomorrow.

malcolm<—“To convert Celsius to Farenheit multiply by 1.8 and add 32. Your a joke”

Also its funny when people explain in class that some city is ___ meters away. Even though I know how long a meter is, when someone says 300 meters I really have no clue how far that is. Maybe that will change with time but I’m still a Miles/gallons/farenheit/cups sort of guy.

Japanese of the Day

In Japanese, the way of speaking is soooo humble. For example instead of saying “I see Mt. Fuji”, in a formal situation you would actually say, “Mt. Fuji is visible.” So this is hard for Mr. English speaker here. Here’s another example. In Japanese it’s not polite to say ” Someone gave me something.” Instead you say, “I recieved ____ from Someone.” Small but difficult point.

Last year, I gave Mika a hat. Kyonen Mika ga watashi ni boshi o kuremashita. きょねんみかがわたしにぼしをくれました。

Last week, I recieved a kiss from Mika. Watashi wa Mika ni kisu o moraimashita. わたしわみかにキスをもらいました。

As always errors probably exist, but please correct me if you see any. Remember your source is a joke….methinkingitover

Music of the Day… No Music but Drunk Monkeys are funny.