Let the Madness Begin

28 12 2007

I’m about to go to try to sleep. I have to be on a train at 5:45 for my 7:05 flight. I know that’s cutting it close, but I have no choice. I’ll just be sweaty when I get on the plane from all the running I will have to do. But then I will be in Tokyo! As Ozzy would say, LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!

I’ve been studying hard all day because I want to impress the coworkers. Stupid I know. But still it would be a nice feeling to be the Japanese Consultant lol. We’ll see. I’m taking my laptop so hopefully I will still be able to post but I actually have no clue. I told coworker I would text her during the break, and she quickly said no emailing her phone is better. So I said I will email her in all Japanese so that’s my Japanese project to have done before the new years. Yeah I could say My name is…. I’m happy.. but I want it to be good lol.

Random Japanese Observation: Almost every TV show  in Japan has a “Reaction Cam” in the corner of the screen. So if a celebrity is on, there is constantly a little box showing her/his reaction to what is going on.  I’m not sure how important it is or the actual purpose of it, but I don’t mind it. I do find myself watching it occasionally lol.  Here’s an example;


Alright to much talk about that already. Apartment clean. Clothes clean. Bags packed. Let’s blow the popsicle stand. Goodbye Home, Hello Tokyo. For 6 days lol. Later!

Music of the Day is Andrew W.K. ” We Want Fun” and we wanna get WAAAAAASSSTTTEEED!




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