New Phone!

27 12 2007

So today me and coworker went to get me a new phone. It’s sweet. We went to Softbank, which has the funniest commercials of all time.


It’s so Japanese its awesome lol.  So anyways, with my coworker as my translator it was easy, but it still took about an hour. The base plan is pretty cheap, around 20$ a month, but the add-ons add up quickly lol. I wanted to have extra internet time, insurance, and text messaging. So total it will be about 35-40 bucks a month. It’s called the WhitePlan, and it’s taking over Japan supposively.  But anyways the best part is the weird things they give you. I recieved a pillow, a random prize drawing which I’m not sure what I actually won, candy, and cleaning products! Its so awesomely random that it rules. But the phone is pretty sweet. I’m still trying to figure out all the features. Pictures are below.

UPDATE: Ok i figured out more lol. One cool thing is the brightness level is decided by the ambient lighting. So at night the back light and key lights are bright, but during the day they aren’t on. The Screen is clear as hell. I figured out to watch a movie or tv, the antenna should be up lol. Also you can use the internet better while the “double switched” feature is on. Alright more playing around with it when I should be getting ready for Tokyo….

Candy  Softbank Logo  Phone Closed   Phone Opened   Phoned Opened Horizontal    Cleaning Products  Clear Tv

Today before work, I had another Japanese lesson. This time my teacher was much more active. Instead of being in class room, we walked around Fukuoka and she would  randomly say ok….. ask that person where the post office is. It was very very stressful, but I definitly learned a lot of useful sayings. Sometimes she would point to the HOTTEST of people too and I would be like well…. um…… she would then say GO DO IT! It was crazy. One time I said wow sensei she was cute. She instantly told me to tell her. I of course rejected the idea but she persisted and I did it lol. A very awkward conversation followed.

Me : Anata wa kawaii  ( You are Cute)

Her: (Surprised) Arigato ( Thank You)

Awkward pause…..

Awkward pause…..

Me: Mata Ne! ( Seeyou!)

Her: Ja Ne! ( Seeya)

It was awkward city lol…

Music of the Day is something I might be called a little Brokeback Mountain for, but i love this song ( T.V. show not bad either but I haven’t seen it in a while now.) I know any sense of musical dignity I might of had is now gone, but this song is catchy! Enjoy. Hannah Montana with ” If We Were a Movie”




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