Let me tell you why I suck

26 12 2007

So today I wake up, check my email and realize…. FUCK I totally forgot my Japanese Lesson was this morning. In my head it was tommorrow. Her email back was soooo nice too it made me feel even worse. She didn’t care and just wanted to know if I was ok. I will totally pay her anyway. I feel so bad. I suck.

So only one more day till Tokyo! I’m so pumped. I should get my phone tommorrow as well, but I’ve been told that before. Just got paid as well. All in cash since no bank acct, yet. My wallets fat. I have no real plans on what we are going to do (me and the other teachers). I just want to make sure I see Hachiko for sure. I read that story like 2 years ago and I totally knew I wanted to see the statue. The true story is that a dog met his owner at Shibuya station everyday. Even after his owner died, he still would come to the station and wait. He did so for 10 years untill his own death. I’m not really a dog person, but that story is just cool.


On a downer note, I broke my Nintendo DS somehow. I have no clue how, but water got on it and now it won’t turn on. I don’t even play it that much, but I JUST ordered a Kanji dictionary for it and of course now it will be useless unless I go to the endless treasure trove that is Don Quixote’s and get new one…. sounds like a plan.

Music of the Day – Inflames with “Evil in Closet” from the album with the best title ever, ” Soundtrack to your Escape” Cool Lyrics too.  \m/




2 responses

27 12 2007

Hee… This Hachiko story reminds me of my favorite Futurama episode! So that’s where he got it from…

30 12 2007
Chris B

I broke my Nintendo DS somehow. I have no clue how, but water got on it and now it won’t turn on.

I’m gonna take a HUGE leap right now……
Maybe it was the ….um….water??

Nah, nah, cancel cancel!! Forget I said that…sometimes i get CRAZY!

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