Christmas is Over..

25 12 2007

Well Christmas is over here in Japan. First Christmas I had to work. First Christmas I didn’t get a lot of presents. First Christmas it didn’t feel like Christmas. To be honest, I’m not a real gung-ho Christmas guy and it didn’t really feel like it today at all. It’s also just so warm here it doesn’t feel like it. The worst part was ALL my students, of course just trying to be nice, asking me about if I am missing Christmas lol. But it’s cool. At least for New Years I’ll be in a party atmosphere in Tokyo.

So today me and the coworker spend a lot of time together. There is just so many mixed signals. But I’m looking for any signs of interest, so it’s probably me just creating something in my own head. According to this article, men overestimate women’s interest and I am sure that is what I am doing. I just don’t know the way to procede really. In America, I would make my move and deal with the consequences. Here I am nervous about fucking something up at work. So I am left to doing nothing. That’s worse than being rejected.


I’ll stop being a whiny bitch now…..

 Only two more days of work! Going to study Japanese hard untill I go to Tokyo. On Wenesday my Japanese teacher told me we are going to various places and she will listen to what I say and correct me when I fuck up. I am nervous but no better way to learn I guess. Maybe it will allow me to get over my feeling of insane stupidity when people at stores asking questions I can’t understand. Alright I’m out for now.

Took some Christmas Lights Pics tonite… Check them out on my Flicker…

Music of the day is this awesome song I just found…Olivia Lufkin – “A Little Pain”




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