Don Quixote is the best…

24 12 2007

So I went to Don’s again since I saw a big thing detergent there for like 15 bucks the first time I was there. I have been using what the last guy had, but I hate how it was unscented lol. I like my clothes to smell good. I want to be this bear.


But anyways, so anyways I find the detergent, but then this store like sucks into buying a million other things. I spent 50 bucks QUICK. I would of spent more, but I was scared of how much I could carry in my backpack and bad ass bike basket. Mostly food I really wanted, but I got a USB controller for my computer, a big mug for my nightcaps, 10 cokes since they only cost a dollar, and other various food items I may or may not of needed. I was SOOO tempted by the electronics section but I resisted. Also oddly enough as I was looking through DS games, I arrived at the porn section. There are no covers or anything on the magazines, videos, or posters. It is just flat out naked Japanese girls. While I am of the age now where I’m satisfied but just catching a quick 20 to 25 minute glance, but when I was a kid I would of been in heaven. It’s crazy. But this store is really like Walmart except its compacted into a space that is 1/3rd the size. And it has way more random stuff. I also saw a pillow that was just two boobs, complete with little nipple protrusions hanging from the ceiling. Almost was tempted by that for the comedy, but it was 10 bucks. But the moral of this story is the store is awesome but I need to limit my Don Quixote visits to once a month, so I don’t go broke.

I was also looking for a present for my two coworkers, but could not find anything I was happy with. I know a normal person would of just gotten chocolate or something and been done with it, but I need something a little better than that. A little stuffed santa or something would of been perfect but they only had big ass ones for $20 bucks each. They had santa costumes for 10 bucks but no stuffed animals that were less than $20. Ugh. But as soon as my clothes are done and I hang them to dry, I’ll be going back out to find the perfect gift. ToysR Us probably, but well see. Also I still have to go to 7-11 to pay my bill… Alright thats it.

That was a rambly post I know, but you can handle it.

Music of the Day…… I found this last night…Mika Nakashima – “Seppun” The most INSANE video you will watch all day. Song is ok, but I’m telling you this video is as crazy as it gets. Her eyes are also insane..insanely seductive haha bye




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