Japanese Regis = Solid

23 12 2007

Got back form my lesson in Fukuoka and turned on the TV. To my surprise, there was Who Wants to be a Millionaire? on. Except here it’s called Super Millionaire. The host, Norio Minorikawa is all business, and he does look oddly like what a Japanese Regis Philbin would look like.


The Final Answer routine is the same, but their are a few differences. First the top prize is only 10,000,000 yen which is about $87,573.34. So the title of the show is a little misleading…. Also, the phone a friend has morphed from call in for one person for help, into calling four crazy people in a room that can pretty much help at any time. After some research I found out it is against Japanese law to give one game show contestant more that 20,000,000 yen so those four people are needed to split up the top prize money to make it legal. Weird. Also when a contestant says final answer, the host rips up the garanteed money check they won’t be getting. So harsh. The US version tries to hold onto that ” Is she right?????” moment out as long as possible, but in Japan its is easily triple that. Ads even come up on the sides of the screen as you wait to find out if she was correct or not. It’s funny how long they hold this out.  And then occasionally even after this insane wait… they cut to commercial. Observe.

My Japanese teacher asked me after about 10 minutes, “So you haven’t met a girl have you?” I was a little surprised by the question, and I told her no not really. She goes “I can tell you are studying Japanese too much!” It made me LOL. But she’s probably right.

Music of the Day – Yui again – Rolling Star. Her Voice is soothing or something. It’s good.




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