Nice Old Lady

22 12 2007

So like the stupid gaijin I am, I was the only person in the world that didn’t have an umbrella when it was raining. So at a crosswalk, an old lady sort of pushed her arm into me. I took it as an accident and ignored it. She did it again so I said what?? She wanted me to hold the umbrella. Like all elderly people here, she was literally like 3 feet tall ( I think they shrink) so I held it over the both of us for the 5 minutes it took us to walk across the street. She never once looked at me but it was a very very nice gesture. The rest of my non- umbrella having walk home didn’t seem that wet.

I’ll write a post tonite but I got to get ready for work. Stupid early day Saturday. Blows.

Music Selection Gackt – Last Song. Another Sad one but sweet video.




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