Another Day Another Dollar

22 12 2007

Got paid today for the first time. Got to admit it looked pretty nice. Not that I have a bank account yet, but I was promised I would have a phone before next Friday.  I really want to have it before I go to Tokyo for the New Year just in case I get lost or something lol.

The most satisfying thing about studying Japanese as hard as I do is when Japanese conversations go on around you, you recognize more and more words. It’s like that Eureka!moments that make it worth it. Even though I’m probably .03%(repeating of course) completed my learning, it’s nice to feel like your actually learning something. Especially since I’m such a crazy person about it. Some people are OCD about clean hands, I just can’t throw away any mail until I write all the hiragana and katakana words out. I stop a million times on my way to work becuase I want to read every sign, which has led me to sometimes looking at the ground if I’m in a hurry. I can’t leave my TV on at night becuase if I hear a word I don’t know that I think I should, I have to check my dictionary. I realize I sound like a bitch at this point and it’s a problem I am making myself. I just want to learn the language so bad. I don’t do many things in my life half-way, and this is just another in a long list of dedications, Guitar, Cooking, the Band, Hockey, Getting to Japan, and now Japanese. I’ve been successful in all the rest, so I WILL be successful at this.  ‘

Side note if you want to check out my old bands songs….Go Here

Alright tommorrow is Japanese Lessons in Fukuoka, paying my bills for the first time in a 7/11, and who knows what else. Later.

Music of the Day is “Guilty as Charged” by a band named Fallen. The guitar player? Me.

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