20 12 2007

 It’s not that cold people. Everyone here is wrapped up like its 20 below. It’s amazing how comfortable a winter this is for me, and I’m not even from that cold of a place (maryland,usa) I wonder if that happens in every culture, the calibration of what is cold and what is hot in each individual is based on their own locations extremes? I think my head just exploded thinking about it.

Funny thing today. In class I had a question about who do you live with? To be funny, I said I live with Mika Nakashima. He laughed and I said ok your turn. His response, i live with Jodie Foster. LOL. I mean she’s ok… but a little old for a couple of early 2o’s guys lol. It was just surprising to me. There are plenty of better American stars..kruekportman…but I guess Jodie is ok lol.

In my kids class today the craziest thing happened. We were flipping coins and learning about heads and tails. So when we first started, tails came TWENTY times in a row before heads was landed. Crazy.

Ian Malcom ur thoughts?


      “The odds of that happening are .0000009%.”

Order of importance in Jurassic Park: 1. Ian Malcom, 2. Dinosaurs, 3. Dr. Grant

I’m tired so time for some music….Kamelot with ” Ghost Opera” Rock Out. Later.




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