Ugh. Can’t Sleep.

18 12 2007

I’ve gotten into this weird pattern of going to sleep at about 1am, waking up at 5 and then staying up for about an hour untill I fall asleep again. It sucks. Tonite I can’t fall back asleep for some reason. So I’m listening to my Japanese Audio Tapes with my eyes closed. Which is a struggle in itself because when I hear a word I don’t know I want to grab my dictionary lol. So sometimes I have to turn that off for my sanity.

My favorite hockey team, The Pittsburgh Penguins have a game in about 2 hours as well, so I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much tonite. My schedule is kick-ass that way. In the morning, I have the Penguins games to listen too. At night the Howard Stern show. Those two things really keep the homesickness away. They have both been a part of my life for more than ten years, so its nice to not have to give them up.

      Penguins                              howard

I first started liking the Penguins when my dad took me to see a hockey game when I was about 7 or so. I had this weird thing about not liking the teams everyone else liked and since we were at a Washington Capitals game in which they were playing the Penguins, the Penguins were the recipients of my fandom. Also I loved animals so that helped as well. I didn’t get hardcore into hockey untill high school. Hockey is the best mix of everything that’s good about sports. Everyone has to sacrifice to win and everyone sticks up for everyone else. It’s not about individuals. Watch the difference between when a basketball team wins the championship and when a hockey team does. Anyways, after college I started playing goalie myself which was awesome. I definitely which I started earilier. It’s challenging to start becuase you have to learn two things, first how to play the sport as well as learning how to skate but its worth it. Also I happen to have won a few championships….Fear the Gold Pads….yeah I’m sort of good….

smaller champschamps 2

 As for Howard, I started listening in middle school becuase one of my friends told me to check him out. Most people like to think it’s about girls all the time, but that’s just not true. There is no way to convince anyone otherwise though so I won’t try. But the show is like it’s own world that you get to get a look into. Sort of like a soap opera with amazingly funny stuff. Here’s just one example. Yeah they say some fucked up stuff, but that’s part of humour.  It’s no different than what guys joke about on a friday night just hanging out. That’s life. That’s why the show works.

Ok I feel a little more tired and I’ve written enough. Goodnight Hopefully.

Song choice is Yui – My Generation. Awesome song.




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