YouMe Town.. AND a new vehicle

17 12 2007

So today I made the trek to Youme Town today. After walking to the bus station…I thought I knew what bus to get onto, but I wasn’t sure. So I was just milling around trying to confirm I was in line for the correct bus. As people were piling into another bus I glance at the side and a huge YouMe Town was flashing in the destination box. So of course I slipped onto that one. This place is huge. It’s not like a mall like Us how there is a central walking area and the stores are on the outside of the halls. Its more like four floors with around 4 huge stores sharing the whole floor.

                                               Youme town

So after checking out the music and sports stores inside, I hit the streets to look for the place the previous teacher said is the best cheap bikes, Don Quixote. This store has EVERYTHING, and its all cheap as hell. I would of bought more stuff, but I wasn’t sure if I would have to carry it or not so I didn’t buy to much. But I will be back. So after a little probing I found the bikes, and picked the most manly one possible. Behold the Beast in Black.


Don’t fear the basket, learn to love it. So after I had my nice new bike I attempted to find my way home. Quite accidentally I found this awesome park, which I later found out is the Bicentennial Park. Took some cool pictures. Check it out on my flickr. 

Best Ones;

Waterfall         Lion         Pagoda      waterfall

Time to study Japanese….

J-pop of the Day, Heavenly Days by Yui Aragaki – Watch the Video! It adds to the song! Later.




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