16 12 2007

 One Weird thing I’ve noticed here is that carbonated drinks make a large POP! when opened. Like there is more pressure inside the bottle than in America. Weird.

Started Japanese lessons today. 20 bucks for 90min. Nice. The lady was really cool. I’m really glad I got referred to her so I can have a little more focus to my own personal studies. She was really impressed with my reading skills, which is cool. Little does she know the insane amount of time I have put into it, but still cool. She also said my knowledge is disjointed; So much vocabulary, but no grammer. Weird. I think it will make me a better English teacher though. I love when she speaks slowly. I need to slow down myself during the lessons I give.  She is in Fukuoka, so riding the train for 30 minutues is nice. I’m sure it will get old, but for now it’s still nice relax and get a look at the Japanese countryside for a while. Instant deep thought time.

Tommorrow I HAVE to get a bike. Just for exploration purposes if nothing else. Would be nice to get to work in 10 minutes instead of 25 as well. But I haven’t quite decided if I will take the taxi or the bus to the HUGE mall, Youme Town. Bus is cheaper but also no english timetables so I would be relying on my meager language skills. But that sound’s like more of an adventure so that’s probably what I will do.

Next week is my welcome party. The RSVP card is in mostly Kanji so I’m not exactly sure when it is, but all I know it only girls have signed up so far.  Weird.

Drink of the Day # 8 Pocari Sweat.

 Pocari Sweat

Pretty good! I dont know who Pocari is, but his sweat isn’t that bad. Not the most flavorful thing in the world, but seems like it would be a good atheletic drink like Gatorade. F.A. 7/10 – Pretty good. But now I know Pocari Sweat means “buy when sweaty”

Music of the Day – X- Japan with “Longing” Get our your tissues. I love this one. Later.





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