My Inferiority Complex

14 12 2007

Felt like a long day today. Only three classes and 8 hours to fill. Studied Japaneses hardcore though. So that’s a plus. Today one student (the cutest one)after a private lesson said I know when I come to your class I know I will have to think. So I was like It’s good to think since it helps you learn. She was like defenitly. The last teacher gave more hints. Since I have this insane unexplainable hatred for the last teacher, I tried to clarify that she liked mine better. Thumbs up James Thumbs down old teacher. Sweet. But she could of been lying who knows.

I am a little nervous about what students think of my lessons. I think I do pretty good, but I defenitly am still learning how a flow of a lesson is supposed to go. Occasionally a lesson will go by and I think damn that’s how its supposed to be. Other times not so much. In other avenues of my life I know I can rely on a joke or two to make it fun. But teaching English I have to totally change how I tell a joke. I’ve learned sarcasm doesn’t work with people unless they have a STRONG grasp on the language.  But I’m evolving and learning everyday. I guess I just have this stupid fear that I am being compared to the previous teacher and I am losing. I worry to much about that.

Mission Watch: Since last weekend I made the deal if I don’t take out someone male or female outside of work I will go to a bar by myself, tommorrow I ask a certain someone out. Not a student, so it will totally count for the bet. We will see the results tommorrow. Either I eat with someone or drink alone. Both have there pluses and negatives haha. I do feel the hint of loneliness coming on so I want to knock it out as soon as possible!

Walking home on Fridays is always tough. EVERYONE is out it seems while I’m walking home and have to work the next day. It’s crazy. It looks like such a fun place during these times. Hammered people everywhere. During the week I see usually just one hammered business man, but on Fridays and Saturday I see easily 5. I mean can’t walk HAMMERED. It’s cool though. Get crazy salary-man. Party Hard.

I’m tired and have to be at work early tommorrow so time for the music selection of the night…………………um how about some Symphonic Metal??? The beautiful Simone Simons with Epica of the Netherlands singing “Never Enough” Crank it. Later.




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