Furaido Chikin Kare

13 12 2007

So I figured out today I really like curry. I went there once before with my trainer, but only becuase he wanted it and I was hungry as hell. I thought it was good, but wasnt sure if that was just becuase I was so hungry or it was actually good. So today I made myself be brave and went there alone. I knew there was going to be questions I couldn’t answer and I would feel stupid, but I did it anyway. I ordered Furatido Chikin Kare, which is Fried Chicken Curry. The best Japanese words are the loan words since they are easy to figure out, even for stupid guys like me. Just have to know the katakana characters of course. But it was really good. So afterwards I told the girl that worked there Oishii! which means delicous. She was sooo happy. Since she knew I wasn’t too good at Japanese I guess it meant a lot to her. That made me happy too.


My walk to work has become an intense reading lesson. I can’t stop looking around and trying to read. Sometimes I have to just look forward or on the ground so I stop. At times it gets frustrated if I don’t recognize a character or something. Sucks. But I’m studying Japanese at least 3 hours a day so just give me some time…. lol. Hopefully at least. It’s really cool to recognize words that people are saying in conversation when only last week I would of had no clue. Got to keep working though! In the words of AC/DC, it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

Here’s what it looks like…


J-Pop of the day – Mika Nakashima again with “hitoiro”




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