Someday, Somehow

12 12 2007

So since I’ve been here I have kept a running tally of the amount of non-asian people I have seen in my town. In three weeks, I have just reached the 10 mark. There are two nigerians that run a hip-hop store, two white guys in suits I saw the first day, and the rest are just random occurances. I guess that is about what I expected. Looking at it that way I guess I can see why people are a little surprised to see me. I’ve seen like a million japanese and 10 foreigners. But that what makes the experience cool. Truly a stranger in a strange land.  

I don’t know if its the water, the weather, the apartment, but somehow I got a rash on my arm. Sucks. It doesn’t itch to bad, but its not like I just can pick up some medicine for it at the store. I would have to ask the Japanese Teacher to help me. And rashes aren’t the coolest thing in the world last time I checked… I might just go to the doctor’s show it, and expect to be handed some magical cream. But that will have to wait till the weekend. So at least 4 more days with me and my cool rash. Great.

Took some pictures of the Christmas Decorations… but of course didn’t have my memory card in so oopsie, all a waste. I’ll do it again tommorrow. If I feel like it.

Drink of the Day #7 – Coke Zer0

Coke Zero

Had to get this one out of the way eventually on my quest to have them all… like coke, but just not. F.A. 7/10

No J-pop just an awesome awesome song by Jonathan Coulton – Code Monkey. Check it Out!

Best Line:

“Code Monkey think someday he have everything even pretty girl like you
Code Monkey just waiting for now
Code Monkey say someday, somehow




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