What a Day

10 12 2007

Today I just walked around the city. I walked until I would think I was lost and then try to make it back. I had a lot of fun seeing the things that make up this city. Got my camera working, found the post office, still didn’t find the damn river yet though. But it was still very cool. Gave me that great wow, last year I dedicated my life to doing good in college and studying japanese to get here and now I am here!  It’s a very satisfying feeling to know you accomplished something you put your mind to over three years ago.

Took a lot of pictures finally.. So check out my flickr for the whole set, but these are the best.

Tributary   Tree Line  torii

So another week begins. I should get a phone and a bank account this week, but we will see. My goal is to go out with someone to somewhere. Guy/girl doesnt matter- restaurant/movie/shopping/etc. also doesn’t matter. Next Sunday we will check on if I accomplished my goal or not.

Drink of the Day #6 LLVitaminC

Vitamin Water

An ok drink. Tastes like flavored water. But the flavor I can’t quite place. Maybe watered down fruit juice. The sparkling aspect is a plus for me, but I again would never buy this again. F.A. 5/10 ehhhhhhh

J-pop of the Day – Utada Hikaru – Give Me Your Love – Visuals are weird just listen to the music!




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