Sunday Cleaning Sunday

9 12 2007

I think I’m finally done with the clean up of the apartment. Finally went through all the cabinets, all the storage space to clear the shit out. After being a loser and staying in all day to work on it, I’m done. I did have pizza for dinner in the first time in Japan which was awesome. I do like most Japanese food, but I miss pizza and hamburgers occasionally so it was nice.

That is the biggest question I get from students, after where are you from. Do you like Japanese food? I always say yes and give an example like sushi. Then, they ALWAYS ask about natto. Natto is fermented(or rotted depending on how you look at it) soybeans which I have not tried yet, due to not seeing it and also fear. It just looks scary. And from what I’ve heard, it smells scary too. But I do want to try it eventually for the full Japanese experience, no matter how scary it looks.


For my week long break coming after the new year, I will be going to Tokyo to hang with Leila and Jenn from training. I’m excited to see Tokyo. I’m excited to see more of my city as well, which I will do tommorrow. After waking up at 5 to throwing out all the trash I found in the apartment today.

Intense Japanese studying went on inbetween the cleaning and pizza so today was just a good productive day. Tommorrow will be more of the adventurous variety.

No drink of the day recently since my camera has been acting up. It’s hopefully a battery problem which I will fix tommorrow. But we will see.

No J-pop just a movie that dominates… watch it!




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