2 weeks later..routines emerge

8 12 2007

Well two weeks of work down. Two weeks of a new country. So far, so good. Becuase I read sooo much about this country and other people’s experiences, I haven’t been shocked at much yet. I have learned a lot. I have been frustrated and lonely as well but everything is started to become normal. Well as normal as it ever will be.

The biggest thing I was interested in, was how I would be looked at and treated in Japan. So far everyone is as nice as can be. While at times I get a nervous vibe from people, when actually in an interaction with me japanese people put my happiness FAR above thier own. I am very much a subject of interest though. I get MANY looks whenever I am on the street. But I do like attention. The worst though is when a good looking girl is just staring. Your mind juggles with the thoughts of is she interested? or is she just surprised to see a gaijin?(foreigner) The pessimist I am assumes the later even though I have no reason to. The best look I ever got was from a whole class of school children. One kid at the end caught a look at me, and quickly started getting the attention of everyone in the class to look at me. I winked, they CRACKED UP. Like WOW he can communicate! But I just laugh. Interesting event that many never will get to experience. Let’s see how I feel about it in 6 or so more months.

Work is really easy but just sooo long. Not even long, just boring. I have 5 hour streches without teaching. When a cool student is in the lobby, its great. But when I’m by myself it sucks. I love to contemplate and have deep thought, but one can only do it for so long. Next week I will bring my Japanese stuff to start studying during these down times. The actual teaching is fun as well. When the students leave the classroom and I really feel like they have learned something, I feel good. When I think they had a hard time in class, I feel bad. Everyone is so interested in me though talking is soo easy. Students, Coworkers, School, Work – All Rock.

I didn’t prepare for how tough it was going to be to function without knowing much Japanese. I mean really its easy to function, but I hate not knowing it. I hate conversations that go on around me that I have no idea what they are talking about. I resent english speakers that have learned english for no apparent reason. But I’m working on it. I will get over this tough point. To fully enjoy this country,  I  need a much better grasp of the language. Not fluent, but MUCH better. Give me a few months. I’m on a mission.

On a less deep thought note, I think Japanese girls mid-leg must not have nerves. Girls from 12 and 18 wear their school uniform skirts as short as possible, no matter how freaking cold it is outside. If they are over 18 they just wear skirts short as hell with those thigh warmers or long socks. I’m freezing my ass off in a suit and a overcoat, but I see girls all around me wearing skirts. I’m not complaning, but damn.

Also they laugh WAY more than Americans. EVERYTHING is funny. At times it’s cute, but sometimes its like jeez wait for the punch line. Now that I’m thinking about it, I guess how long I wait before its annoying depends on the cuteness of the girl I’m talking to. But the society is so trained to be nice that people use laughing to make situations more comfortable. So that’s good and bad.

Finally, in the sometimes life throws you a bone category; Leaving work last night I was feeling a little lonely. I grab my ipod and push shuffle. Billy Idol’s ” Dancing with Myself” is first song lol.  I start cracking up. Perfect mood changin song. On Wenesday, I was walking home minding my own busines and I hear a meow. I turn around and an orange tabby( just like my now deceased cat Tigger) comes running up to me. I had no food, but if I had a knife I would of given him my damn finger. I petted him for a while, and turned to leave. He walked with me for a while and we went our seperate ways. While I don’t beleive in an afterlife or anything, sometimes I like to think that Tigger was just stopping in to check on me.

                                                   tired tigger2

                            For Tigger, a song from CATS – Gus the Theater Cat.




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