It’s a Long Road.

6 12 2007


We’ll I’m trying to stay as dedicated as I can for this Japanese thing. I just have to prepare myself for the long road ahead. I’m studying at least an hour a night, and listening and trying to talk to students as much as I can to speed the process along the best I can. I just feel like an idiot when the whole room is speaking Japanese and laughing and I’m just sitting there like a dumbass. It sucks. When talking to someone that speaks like minimal English, it’s really hard to frustrating to communicate when she knows like 5% of the words. Then I think wow, I know less than 5% of the japanese words, I must really be annoying. Even though I know I am not and everyone just wants to help, sometimes I feel like I am being annoying. Stupid reason I know, but reason enough for me to hit this learning Japan road full fucking throttle. We’ll see how long it takes for me to need a pitstop.

I ended my work day with about an hourlong conversation with girl I got “the talk” about that I mentioned earlier. She is very charming and interested in people. But I am determined to not just be another foreigner that attempts to get with her. That is stupid. There are a lot of fish in my city, so I don’t need to catch this one even though she is (seemingly – I could be totally off base) much more available for the catching. Not that I’m looking that hard. Maybe loneliness will change that in the future, but we’ll see.

                                                                          Limpet Girl

Best Metaphoric Fish I could think of: Mr. Limpet’s Hussy

No drink of the day. Just got the best drink ever concieved. Coke Classic. What a refreshment. No picture nessecary. FA 10/10

Since it was my fav drink, let’s end with a top 5 song of my life. Bruce Dickinson, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Nicko McBrain, Steve Harris. The internet exists so you can look up who that is if you don’t already know. Your life story will now be made up of two parts, B.I.M. and A.I.M. Welcome to the A.I.M. era. Up the Irons.





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