I’m sooo cold Jack…

5 12 2007

                                                      Titanic Cold 

I’ll never let go…. 

So  my apartment’s heating system is pretty ok, yet supposively expensive(haven’t had to pay the bill yet so don’t actually know) BUT the bathroom is on the other side of the apartment. Which means, showers are some of the coldest events of your life. My usual tactic is getting out, drying off, and jumping under the covers of my bad for a good 3 minutes of inner core reheating time. After that I put on clothes as fast as possible and go back under for a good 2 minutes for heat stabilization. After which I am ready. It’s a long process. I NEED to get a space heater ASAP.

Next on the agenda this week is cell phone. The cell phones I’ve seen my students have are pretty awesome. I mean they don’t transform, but pretty close. So far I’ve seen 8 language dictionaries, kanji recognization,(which means take a picture of a kanji character and it reads outloud what it means) GPS system, (mostly used by parents so they can check online where their kids are at all times) and  And more that I just can’t think of. The Japanese aren’t obssesed with small as hell phones either like the Razor. Most are pretty big in American standards, but include all those crazy features. Hopefully I get a cool one. We’ll see soon. But I need my coworkers of course. Sucks being placed back into infancy..

This city seems pretty cool and many people at the Christmas Party told me so, but I still need one like connection to bring me into it. I still feel like an outsider. I just need a real friendship I guess. But that takes time. Maybe a bit more work on my part as well. I could go to bars and talk to people, but I’m still pretty intimitaded. I just HATE when people talk to me in Japanese and I don’t understand. I feel so stupid. So now I have dedicated to studying as HARD as I can, but I know that won’t even help for a while. I guess I basically just need to get over it. I’m whining and I know it.

Pictures tommorrow!

Drink of the Day #6 pinky…I don’t feel like figuring out the kanji right now


Definitly taste like fruit punch. Almost like so normal it’s not good. Final Assessment – 6/10 It’s fruit punch. Sorry there wasn’t a more witty write up.

 I’ll leave you with Tommy Heavenly6 rocking out with Heavy Starry Chain. I’m off to study Japanese till I pass out. later.




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