Resting. Recovering.

3 12 2007

I always feel most like I’m actually IN Japan on the train. The different style houses, different foliage, and strange advertisements just gets the mind thinking. I like to put on emotional songs on my ipod to put the mind into emotion overload. It’s a very zen like experience. At least for me.

Sweet party. After surprising myself by finding the restaurant pretty easily, the party was underway. It was all different people from the company in the area so probably about 40 or so people. Met some cool people, so at least I will know them a little before the next party. My coworker from my school was there so we stayed around eachother most of the night since we both are new and didn’t know anyone. The deal was 30$ all you can eat all you can drink for like 3 hours. Food was alright, I didn’t eat that much since I was focused on getting hammered. Best part = Auto Beer Pourer (not my video)

Surprising to me was that most of the English teachers are from Europe or Canada. Out of the probably 30 native english teachers, only like 3-4 were from America. But it’s cool meeting people from all over. Conversations came pretty easily, especially with most people enjoy the all you can drink benefit. Somehow we got to talking about new years. Some of the Japanese there were amazed at the kiss at midnight new years tradition. It was cool.

My coworker though doesnt drink which was sort of a let down. I was hoping to see what she was like drunk since she’s sort of a reserved person, but she has that mostly asian condition where your skin turns beat red when drinking alcohol. But we had a lot of fun talking, learning about eachother. I’m not like into her persay, but she is really cool. I did fell strangely possesive when other guys were talking to her. I guess it felt like me and her were a team from our school and other guys trying to be all cool(while I was doing the same thing of course) pissed me off.

After the restaurant most of the crew moved over to a small bar which was cool. 3$ drinks. Sweet. Danced a little with random people. After that bar the plan was to go to karaoke. Once arrived some people didnt want to go so they left. I had to wait till the first train at 5:15 so of course I was going. My coworker finds me and tells me shes not going shes going for coffee and going home. Sucks but it was ok. What I didn’t see was that as she started walking away, one dude turned and walked with her. Argh.

Being drunk didn’t help lol. But karaoke was pretty cool. I drank more as people started to slowly pass out till it was me and like three others left awake. I knew no one would like the song I chose but I didn’t care. Painkiller by Judas Priest was the best metal song I could find. I totally nailed my Rob Halford Impression.

After karaoke we mostly went our seperate ways. Me and one of the guys from training walked the streets of Fukuoka untill the first train. On that train I managed to fall asleep and go two stops past mine. After waking up and realizing my mistake and finally making it home, my head didn’t hit the pillow until 6:15 am. It was a fun night.

Drink of the day #5 Bingo Bongo!


Looks like a grape drink from the outside with the disturbing grape man, but its actually like a fruit punch. Pretty good drink. Wouldn’t buy it again though. Final Assessment 5/10 -The excitement given off by the can does not translate into the actual drink.




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