peaceful easy feeling

1 12 2007

Almost one week of being here. Damn that went fast. Long day today. 3-8 teaching with no breaks. Trainer came as well to observe my worst lesson. Isn’t it great when that happens? Got some cool gifts from students though.(cake and cookies)

They say most people that come to Japan either gain or lose weight.. no one stays the same. I am definitly losing weight. Not because I am trying to, but more because I don’t get lunch before my classes start and then I have to teach till 10. Maybe weight loss photos will come soon.

 One thing I can say about being here is that I appreciate fun so much more. Little fun talks with students in the lobby make me so happy. Knowing I just gave a good lesson make me so happy. My late night bilingual chats with the manager make me happy.(by bilingual i mean I talk english, she talks in japanese yet somehow we have conversations totally based on tones and intonation) My coworker leaving the joke I wrote on her board for three days. You find joy in much smaller events when you are so far away from your real friends and home.

Tommorow is the Christmas Party. Lets hope I find it. I really hope I do. I need to meet more people outside of the forced work relationship. Even though one of the forced relationships I have at work will be there as well…….well that part doesn’t upset me:) Well see though its tough to get a read on people sometimes…She might totally love me or totally hate me. Japanese play it verrry close to the vest.

 Tommorow is apartment cleaning and party. Full write up Monday!

Drink of the day #4 Mitsuya Cider


First Taste….Awesome! It’s like a less strong tasting sprite. As the bottle says, it is refreshing and sparkling. This is definitly the best so far. I was hungry before I drank it which might of helped my taste buds in accepting this offering, but this is still a solid drink. Final Assesment 8-10 First drink i would actually buy again!

J-pop of the day… Nami Tamaki – Rocking out with “Brightdown”





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