Elementary, My Dear Watson

30 11 2007

Well so much for my after-work routine. The arcade I went to after work took out my drum game. Sucks. It’s probably closing down. Just when I was getting good. Highlight of yesterday was at the end of the day after my very last class. The trainer was still watching me for all my lessons, which all went really well. But at the end of the last class with a very cute girl in attendance, he came up to me when I was going through paperwork. As the students were walking away he looks at me and says….


                                        That.. my good man. Is your hottest student.

Even though Sherlock actually said Elementary! My dear Watson!, he said it totally in that same cadence. I was cracking up. But he’s probably right. He even gave me the (seemingly) canned, “if you ask her out she’ll tell the head office” talk. Apparently this girl has caused problems for many teachers before me. Sort of like a siren, waiting for men to come to her shores to feast on. But I will resist!!

Drink of the day was…..#3… Torokeru Remon (probably Lemon translated)

                                 orange drink

Looks appealing enough.. grabbed the can from the machine and… OW! It was hot as hell. So that was interesting fact number one. The machine dispenses hot and cold stuff. But anyone opened it up and kicked it back. The heat made it taste like tea with a hint of orange. Drinking half was tough.. but on the bottle it says HOT OR COLD, so I put it in the fridge to try it cold later. Later on I finished the now cold drink. It was much better this time around. Like a thick orange smoothie. Much better. Still not worth buying though. Final Assesment 5/10 – Doesn’t make sense to make this drink hot. Cold is still just ok.

Solid Anime. Solid Song. Mega-playboy dominates.




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