Beat rolls on..

29 11 2007

Taught an actual class today by myself. It went pretty well. I often talk to fast so talking slowly and clearly was my main goal. The students were pretty chill which was cool. Tommorrow I have about four classes so it will be a much more exciting/nerveracking. I’m ready to get in the groove of things though. Having the trainer always around makes me feel like I’m babysitting with the parents staring at you. But I’m sure once hes gone I’ll miss his ideas as well. The worst part is when your in the lobby and two japanese speakers are talking and all of a sudden they burst out in insane laughter. You just know they are laughing about you some of those times… I’ll figure it out one day!

On the way home from work my routine has turned into playing the drum game Taiko no Tatsujin: Taiko Drum Master, and getting a drink from the vending machine outside my apartment.

                                     Drum Game

                                                     Solid Game.

So for the last two nights I have tried two different drinks in my new quest to try everything in the machine. #1…

                                             Grape Drink

This is Torokeru Budozeri. It looks pretty appealing with its grape color and appeasing grape photos. I opened it up and kicked it back. Nothing. I thought it had gone bad or something. But in actuallity I see on the outside of the can it says 30% grapes. The don’t mean grape juice, they mean GRAPES. It’s thick as hell. Good tasting, but its like drinking barely blended grapes. So final verdict – 5-10. It won’t quench your thirst, but it doesn’t taste bad.

#2. Next up. 100% Black.

                                                             100% Black

The can reads, over 100 years black. Kicked this one back and was hit with the slam of old, cold, black coffee. They weren’t joking with that title. It is purely chilled black coffee. I forced myself to finish this one since I’m not really into black coffee. But I have heard once you go black you never go back, so maybe my feelings might change. Final Verdict – 0-10 I don’t like black coffee so this wasn’t for me.

J-pop of the day: Namie Amura

Highlight of the video………her hair




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