First Day In the Books

27 11 2007

First day done. It was definitly a learning experience. The trainer dude is like a master and makes teaching look so easy, which it isn’t for a Rookie like me. The walk to the school is nice, I have to go through this big shopping plaza with a big covered path with stores on each side for like a half a mile. Its pretty cool.


Students seem pretty cool. Everyone is very excited to meet me. Paying a lot of money to learn English from me might have something to do with it. My favorite moment so far was this junior high student that wrote me name in Japanese then surrounded it by hearts. I asked her hey do you want to keep that or can I have it? I was praying she did not want it but of course she took it. Damn I wanted that picture! But it’s cool. They’ll be more cool moments in the future I’m sure. I’ll take some pictures later on this week of my room and stuff. This weekened I have to get a bike though. Everything in the city is not that far away, as long as you have some Wheels. In actuality, it will be more like this, basket and all. But they must not make bikes without baskets here because EVERYONE has one. So it won’t be to gay. Maybe. Day 2 on the way!

J-Pop song of the day: Nami Tamaki: Prayer




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