Under a Japanese Moon

26 11 2007

I’m writing from my balcony, in my new apartment, in my new city, in this new adventure. So far, everything is awesome. I was worried my city may be some small little dive, but that is not the case. While it won’t get confused for DC anytime soon, it still has enough of a city feel for me to be satisfied.

I’ve spent the last day attempting to give my apartment a more of a “me” feel. It’s tough since the last guy left just soooo much shit. I’m working on fixing that now. It does get cold but the heater works, I’m just not sure how much it costs to have constantly running… so I keep an on and off again heating schedule. We’ll see what the bill is at the end of the month.

Before I get ahead of myself here’s some pics of the last night in Vancouver. Click for full set.
                                       Chilling in Vancouver

So after the night in the hotel me and the other trainee explored the shopping center across the street. It was pretty sweet. Got to play in the the arcade which was awesome. Also ate at Mcdonalds and got a ebi(shrimp) filet-o. It was pretty good. Also in Japan they give you a number and bring you your food, unlike home where you just get it at the time of your ordering. It took like four seconds from the time of ordering for the girl to bring it so it seems to be an uneeded system.

After that, a trainer put me on the appropriate train and I was off to my city. While I was nervous, I was confident in my hiragana skills to read the map. Driving through the countryside was really cool. No one else on the train even looked outside but I was very wideeyed during the whole trip. A lot of cool views. My camera is packed so again I will just have to remember it.

I was picked up by my cute coworker and she took me to my hotel. First thoughts walking in my apartment was wow, this is sweet. Way bigger than I was expecting. And it had a bed and balcony. Nice. The next test was internet which also was succesful. Nicer. The dude before me left a lot of stuff which is good and bad. Good becuase I have a huge supply of cleaning materials and a big tv and DVD player. Bad becuase I have to sort through a lot of his crap that I don’t need. And in Japan you can’t just throw out shit. Pick-up is once a week and it needs to be sorted. Burnable, breakable, and big items are all on different days. This system must work becuase so far, trash is no where to be found in the city. Apartment Pics.
                           apartment view

Tommorrow I start work, which is the last variable I am waiting on. I’m excited and nervous. Perfect mix for an exciting day! haha I’m off to sleep for my big day. 365 left at least. I’m ready.




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