24 11 2007

Im writing this in the Narita airport, waiting for my 8pm flight. I have two and a half hours to kill. I’m with one other person from my group, but its the boring one so I’m writing so I don’t have to talk. But anyways after a ten hours flight I kissed the place that was sort of becoming familair for a whole new country that is not familiar at all.

Currently to my left is a older man watching sumo on tv like it is the Superbowl. Everytime someone wins he claps and talks so fast its insane. He has talked to me but since I don’t know what he is saying I just say Hai hai! (yes yes).

During the flight, my feelings stayed pretty stable. Not really thinking about anything just waiting for whatever is going to happen. After the flight between the plane and customs, the first shuttle with all the other teachers in my group was filled so I had to wait for the second. When the second one comes, I get in and was along for a while untill a whole school of kids came in their uniforms that looked exactly the same around me. It was quickly apparent that I was a big point of attention for the kids. Most are staring untill I look back and then they quickly look away. Eventually one girl says Hi to me and I say Hi back and smile. THE WHOLE SHUTTLE ERUPTS IN LAUGHTER. It is like I have said the funniest joke in the world. So I, now sort of embarrased, say “How are you?” MORE INSANE LAUGHTER.  I then start laughing too and say “well I’m not saying anything anymore.” MORE INSANE LAUGHTER. It was defenitly a WOW I’m in Japan moment. It’s sort of made me feel alone as well. I was a sideshow freak to this whole school to gawk at lol. Well maybe not but that’s how it felt. Hopefully they were just infatutated with my good looks or something. But I doubt it.

That’s it for now here’s a picture of last night’s craziness! Tommorrow I’ll be in my apartment. Hopefully that is a good thing…

                                                leila me   Leila Jennifer Rockstars




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