Hotel Room Ramblings

24 11 2007

Here I am. Sitting in a strange hotel room. Waiting for another day. Somehow my hotel doesn’t have wireless internet.(EDIT: my dumbass didn’t see the LAN cord hidden behind the TV) Which sucks, but that means a lot of writing for the old blog. Also I’m trying to minimize jet lag so I will probably be up all night as well. I have a lot more information at this point. Some bad some good. But still feeling overwhelmed as hell.

Got picked up by our trainer, but the lugguge courier service was already closed. Meaning I had to carry my bags to the hotel. Looking around, I guess its exactly as I imagined. Now I am in Fukuoka, but tommorrow I’ll be in my city which is my final destination. From the things the trainer told me, it’s small as hell. My hotel is old as hell, but also cheap as hell. My manager will probably not speak any English which he said will mean I have to learn some Japanese very quickly. Just means I have to work harder to find things to do. I will also be a celebrity in my city which is good I guess for my large insatiable need to be needed. But anyways enough about the future.

This hotel room is crazy! The sink water drains into the toilet which has a water squirt up the ass thingie, seat warmer, and much much more. Can’t figure out how to use it but I’ll work on it. The worst thing was walking in the room and not knowing how to turn the light on. I felt like a idiot, but eventually I figures out there is a little holder for your room key in the wall that you have to use. This room is nice, but small as hell and cost 300$ a night. Somehow they include a rice cooker but NO OTHER eating utensils. Sort of a weird things to have if there is no plates, chopsticks, cups or anything. And it’s two inches from the tv. There’s also an onsen in the basement, but I don’t think I’m ready for public nudity on day one. At least with only other guys. Lights, Air Conditioner, and Bed Height are all controlled by remote. It’s cool.

So my hotel had the stereotypical rack of vending machines. No used panties, but cigarettes, beer, liquor, cigars, and chewing tabacco were all included.I helped myself to some Chu-hi in a can which is sort of like Smirnoff Ice. I got three different flavors; Lemon, Grapefruit and Ume( green plum) I got three because I thought I read on the side of the bottle that the alcohol content was 3.3%. Upon closer look it is actually 7%. So I might be getting drunker than I was planning on Night 1.


On the plasma tv is the usual crazy game shows, a few dramas, and talk shows. I’m mostly flipping to find the hottest girl. I am very scared though. Really I’m a scared little bitch but I’m trying to be the tough guy infront of everyone else. I am scared that maybe I made a bad choice in coming. No turning back now. I’m here to get everything out of this I can. I refuse to not have fun in this next year. I don’t want to look back and say I should have been more outgoing or I should have tried harder to find friends. I’m not going to let that happen. Do it now or which I had. Fuck that.

Be back to write more in an hour of more Chu-hi. 

Back. After a few mishaps with the shower, I have successfully cleaned myself. Whats weird is the shower water drains into the toilet. The sound of this happening at first scared the shit out of me. But good system actually to save water. Since I can’t read anything, everything seems hard but most things have a good system once I figure them out. This bed is hard as shit. It’s as if they made the mattress out of rock, and then coated it with ashpalt. It is seriously just a board. But I think I’m going to try to sleep on it right about now. Waking up to explore Fukuoaka untill 1pm when I am taken to my apartment… Oyasuminasai! (goodnight)




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