Last North American Post

23 11 2007

Well this is it. After a long night of drinking with some future coworkers, tommorrow I will wake up and be on my way. To  a begininng, an end, an absolution. To a whole life I have never known but will soon be (hopefully) comfortable with. To being totally on my own for the first time in my entire life. To be reduced to infancy in a language. To the future.

Who knows what will happen, but its these moments of uncertainty that can bring people together. Like the other people in my training group. We all have became very good friends more from tonite than any other night. It’s sort of like we have no other choice but to use eachother as support, but they are all very cool. Two of the people I totally look forward to seeing in the future. The others not so much, but it will still be good to see a familiar face as a stranger in a strange land.

I have so many thoughts in my head at this point I don’t think my brain can process it all, so it chooses to feel nothing. I feel very blah. It could sort of be my own little defense mechanism of being scared but who knows. Soon there won’t be any time to be scared. It will be time to be a human being living on the other side of the planet that has to take care of themself. So the sooner I get ready for that the better.

Tonite was awesome. Four people trying to have a fun night before embarking on a crazy, scary, unfamiliar adventure. Tommorrow there will be no group support. It will be time to accept the choices we have made. It is time to have fun! It is time to be alone. It is a time to learn about yourself! I can’t wait to see exactly what happens to me as a person on this year long trip. We will soon see.

Take me out Optimus.

(Next Day edit) Drunk posts come out pretty good. I won’t change any misspellings to keep the spontaniety of this post lol




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