The storm is approaching…

22 11 2007

2 nights left. Feels sort of weird but dont cry, I’m pretty excited to get going. It feels like I’ve accomplished something here, but then it two days I have to start a much larger task. Whatever. It will probably more difficult there, but also more rewarding. Working with the real students is really cool. They get so excited you can’t help but be in a good mood.

Today I had another girl student but unlike yesterday’s student she was really good in English. Also not as hot, but it was fine. I probably got the best feedback of my whole group so that was good. I’m pretty badass if you didn’t know. But seriously I did think I did better than everyone else so it was nice for a little validation. Not that I needed it…..haha

Vancouver thoughts: 1.You know your in a hockey town when people will freeze their ass off outside the bar, watching the tvs that are inside the bar, just because they are to young to get in(19 years old here). It was a cool scene. Unfortuneatly of course I did not have my camera so I could not capture the moment. But I’ll try to remember it.  2. Everyone under 30 is in like emo/gotchic/grunge mode. Which I think is hot so it works but its just a little strange. Lots of dyed hair, piercings, and dark eye makeup. Sweet.

Third Wall Blog Update: Once I am actually in Japan, I will have actual pictures describing the things I am explaining. Using google for blog pictures is sort of lame.

I’m going to sleep. Tommorrow I will be getting hammered for my last night. In lieu of attempting a joke, I will leave you with some more cool music from the Land of the Rising Sun. This time it will be The Brilliant Green, with the song “Rainy Days Never Stays” Enjoy.




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