Father Time is on my side

21 11 2007

Got my schedule today…. not crazy about the 1-10 tues through friday… but at least I don’t have to wake up until like 11. Lots of time for sleeping.  And lying around which is nice.

                                                      Homer Lying

                                                                Me at 10:59.

Third day thoughts of Vancouver; 1. Alcohol is expensive 2. Cool views especially Victoria Island 3. A lot of XXX stores on the main road. 4. Wierd taxes ex. recycling tax (.01) liquor tax. 5. Seems like a very younger aged city than most I’m used to.

So today we had to teach an actual lesson with an actual Japanese person. I was pretty nervous about getting everything correct and then she walked in.

                                          Cat Damn

So that was a pleasent surprise. I just had to make sure I stayed proffessional, which I did. How come when someone foriegn says something a little wrong its SO damn cute?? But I did pretty good. It was difficult when she was not sure of an English word, for me not to try to explain that word by using many many more English words. So while her little cute, smiling, genki(happy), mind was thinking of what I wanted her to say, I would bombard her with other words she wasn’t sure of. So I have to try not to do that tommorrow. But it won’t be with her so maybe tommorrow I won’t be so stunned.

The beat rolls on tommorrow. More training. Another lesson.  2 more full days in North America. It’s been a long road to get to Japan that is about to be over. Which will then lead to the beginning of another road. So basically there will be a lot of roads. But I’m ready. In fact, I’m ready to rock.   

                                              Pope Rock

                                                        Yes pope, I am.




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